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Tom Luecke

Trichome Forest LLC
Cannabis and Hemp extractor and formulator. Dispensary owner with fully integrated cultivation and manufacturing of infused products in Boulder since 2007, with a strong medical focus helping cancer and seriously ill patients. Change of career followed a mosquito viral infection in 2008 which changed and almost took my life.. Working now to help others with ME/CFS/SEID/FM and other difficult conditions with THC/CBD/CBN products along with dietary coaching and a new line of nutraceutical formulations for: Anxiety & Stress, Stop-Smoking, Performance, Creativity. Developing indigeous micro-organism products for use as natural probiotics from "good dirt" also used for natural plant fertilizers without chemicals. I am just re-emerging after years of deep illness following the mosquito virus, looking to collaborate and bring several new products to market. I am also an industrial designer working on transportation solutions via electric bikes and cars etc.