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Turke & Thomashow Pediatrics
Dexter, MI

As an anthropologist (Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1985) I helped to found the field of cooperative breeding in humans. I was a Fellow with the University of Michigan's Evolution and Human Behavior Program from 1986-1990, where I participated as one of the original four members of a monthly lunch seminar that was organized by R. M. Nesse, and which is recognized as one of the birth-places of evolutionary medicine. I subsequently did a 14 month fellowship in immunology with R.A. Miller at the University of Michigan, which ended in 1992 just prior to my enrollment in medical school at Michigan State University. In 1996 I returned to UM to complete my residency training in pediatrics, and I opened a pediatric practice in 1999, where today I care for thousands of young patients from a perspective informed by our evolution.

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