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Kresser Institute, founded by Chris Kresser, is the first and only practitioner training organization to offer practitioners comprehensive training in functional medicine, ancestral nutrition and lifestyle, and practice management - all in one place. Our training methodology employs the same case-based learning format that leading institutions like Harvard Medical School have adopted. You’ll get the theory you need, but you’ll learn it in the context of lab results and case studies from real patients. If you are a clinician looking to make a bigger difference with your patients, don't wait. Start now with our 100% free 10-part series, "IN PRACTICE." This free series introduces you to a functional and ancestral approach to the top 10 chronic conditions you'll see in your clinical practice.

Visit www.kresserinstitute.com/practitioner-success-series for more information.
Chris Kresser M.S., L.Ac is the co-director of the California Center for Functional Medicine, the creator of ChrisKresser.com, and the New York Times best selling author of The Paleo Cure. He is known for his in-depth research uncovering myths and misconceptions in modern medicine and providing natural health solutions with proven results. Chris was named one of the 100 most influential people in health and fitness by Greatist.com (along with Michelle Obama, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mercola), and his blog is one of the top-ranked natural health websites in the world. He recently launched the Kresser Institute, an organization dedicated to training functional medicine practitioners with an ancestral health perspective. Chris lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife and daughter.